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    Stefan Coordes (UJAM)

    Hi David,

    Please excuse the delayed reply. Thank you so much for your feedback! It really means a lot to us, as we are always trying to improve our plug-ins and make them better for our users.

    I forwarded it to the developer team, so we might add your requested feature with a future update. Stay tuned and have fun with your FX plug-in!

    Best regards :)

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    David Cobb

    I love Finisher and Finisher MICRO. Starting with just an FM electric piano and Finisher I can creat not just 'finishing' touches, but creative inspiration.

    I liked your suggestion of chaining/stacking instances of Finisher, but have also run them in 'parallel' rather than 'series' - turning basic sounds into awesome Zebra-like multi-dimensional ones: For example:-

    1. I fed the simple FM EP into an instance of Finisher MICRO set to auto pan.

    2. I fed the same source EP to another instance of Finisher set to infinity. (using FX send in my DAW.

    3. I fed the same source int o Finisher set to gate

    This turned a basic FM piano sound into a beautiful swirling gated EP layered with the pad-like effect from the Infinity patch coming in. As good as any patch from Zebra or Fathom synths and great fo scoring. I love this approach, as it encourages me to be creative (and not just use synth presets) while also taking any old synth sound and turning it into something awesome and unique.

    The problem is that I end up with 3 layers of the 'dry' piano as well as the effects.

    It would be nice to have the option to turn down the'dry' signal and output only the 'wet' effect signal, so that each additional parallel instance doesn't multiply the 'dry' component present in each instance. (I hope I'm making sense here).

    An awesome plug-in. The Finisher patches are all so much more than 'just effects'. They are quite inspirational.

    Kind regards, David Cobb; Adelaide, Australia :-)

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