Hints for using Virtual Drummer V2



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  • Vjkunion

    I just purchased the Update for VD Drums Bundle, as I already had the HEAVY, PHAT, and SOLID drum instruments.

    All loaded ok and running in Pro Tools as expected, with Midi drag/drop and other new features all working.

    BUT...BUT...I see nowhere to access the advertised multi-out functionality in my DAW.

    In the above tutorial blog it says:~  "you might have to create extra AUX tracks and/or use the dedicated multi-out version of VD."

    Where is this multi-out version of VD?

    In my DAW instrument list all 3 drummers are only appearing as STEREO instruments, and I see nothing in the GUI of the kits to help with this.

    I'm well familiar with needing to add extra AUX tracks etc for such purposes, but this has me stumped.

    All and any advice on this will be greatly appreciated...sooner rather than later.


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