Can't install SILK? Other UJAM products install just fine... (Mac+Logic)


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    Hi Dave, 

    Thanks a lot for your message. If the installation was successful, the installer puts VST, AU & AAX plugin files in your dedicated folders. We need to make sure that you checked the AU location and not the blob location. The default path of the AU file for Logic is the following:


    This is the default path for plugins you want to use in Logic. Your Logic should look into this on every DAW start. Have you tried to rescan the Virtual Guitarist in the Plug-In Manager of Logic? If not, got to Logic Pro X / Preferences / Plug-In Manager

    In “Plug-In Manager” you have to select the VG and using the “Reset & Rescan Selection”-button. Tutorial Video: Plugin Manager in Logic If our Virtual Guitarist doesn’t appear in your plugin list, you have to force your Logic to rescan your plugin folder. Please note, all your instruments and effects will be rescanned. How do I clear my Audio Unit cache for rescanning?

    1. In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder from the menu.
    2. Type ~/Library/Caches in the “Go to the folder” field.
    3. Press the Go button
    4. Remove the “” file.
    5. Remove the ~/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache folder 
    6. Restart your Mac. The next time you start Logic, the installed Audio Unit plug-ins will be rescanned and Logic should then startup normally. And your VGs and VDs should be scanned successfully.

    I hope this helps to solve your problem and wish you lots of fun.

    Best regards,

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